> That would be nice, but IMHO would require a real push in the tablet
> mappings, so limit, reference angles and so on could be set. When
> working with a real airbrush, you can move it with more freedom than a
> tablet pen (basically cos you hold it, not try to press it against the
> surface) and in some cases you can also move the target surface. I
> have been trying to do things with pipe brushes, and well... I found
> that I can choose between using the pen in really weird angles or
> create brushes with some tips that will never be used with normal
> handling, due lack of control in the angle limits.

Such a change wouldn't actually be that hard to do, we just need
someone who's motivated enough to do it. If someone's interested,
please speak up, I will try to give some tips on how to implement
these features.

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