"Alastair M. Robinson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> When we were discussing colour management a few months back, I
> hacked the Colour Proof filter to do a normal working-profile ->
> monitor-profile transform, and it worked pretty well.

Yes, it's a shame that you never submitted this for inclusion. It
could have become part of the 2.2 release.

> The sticking point with the display filters is that there's
> currently no way of getting a reference to the current image into
> them.  Without that, using a specific profile for individual images
> is next to impossible, and while we're restricted to 8-bit precision
> internally, that's pretty much a vital capability.

Let's try to implement this in small steps then. As a first step I
would like to add a couple of options to the preferences to allow
users to define default locations for color profiles, to
enable/disable color management and to set a number of default
settings. Stefan DÃhla sent me a patch last year that implements this
and I will probably base the changes on that. The settings he
suggested are:

 - use CM or not
 - display profile
 - default workspace profile
 - default rendering intent for color conversion
   + from workspace to display (default set in display profile)
   + from workspace to printer (should default to
       * perceptual for pictures
       * relative colorimetric for most other work)
 - default cmyk-profile (is later used to convert RGB->CMYK)
 - default profile path (/usr/share/color/icc/ and ~/.color/icc/)

As soon as we have such settings, we need to figure out a way to make
them available to plug-ins and modules. We also need an API to access
the color-profile attached to an image.

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