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>>  - default cmyk-profile (is later used to convert RGB->CMYK)
> I guess that this is for the printer?  Since all of my printers are 
> logically RGB devices (the drivers expect RGB input) I am not sure how 
> useful this is to me but for others it might have it's uses.  But 
> perhaps we need to understand what this will be used for before 
> including it.  

I am not sure what Stefan added this for in the first place but we
will need a CMYK profile to be able to implement a useful CMYK color
selector. We already have such a color selector but at the moment it
uses a rather naive approach of converting between CMYK and RGB.

> When you are in the printer dialog in GIMP you have the ability to add 
> a new logical printer and use that to "name a collection of settings 
> you wish to remember for future use."  This is the ideal place for 
> printer profiles to be specified.  So the user should be able to set 
> the default profile and rendering intents for each logical printer 
> along with all of the other settings for the driver.  This would be a 
> way better setup than how this is handled in photoshop and would be a 
> great way to simplify and facilitate the management this part of a CM 
> work flow.

We will let the print plug-in deal with this. Ideally the print
plug-in would not be part of GIMP. Instead give the user the choice to
pick his/her preferred print plug-in.

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