On 20.02.2005, at 21:55, Sven Neumann wrote:

As a benchmark I used a gradient fill in a 3000x3000px (68.8M)
image. I get consistently times of 8s for 1 thread and between
9.2s and 9.6s for 2 threads. With a running application, after a
restart -- doesn't matter.

What is strange though, is that it only seems two use one CPU
for both threads; maybe a stupid gthread implementation?

What version did you test?

GIMP (r/w) CVS from a few hours ago (about the time when I wrote in that I'll do it but that it'll take a while...)

What's the last ChangeLog entry?

2005-02-20 Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

* app/actions/context-actions.c
* app/actions/context-commands.c[ch]: added actions to control the
average radius of color picker tools (bug #167765).

        * app/actions/tool-options-actions.c: fixed a typo in a comment.


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