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On Tuesday 15 March 2005 10:58, shashi kumar wrote:
> hello sir/mam, we r students of final year engineering
> studing in national institute of
> engineering,mysore,karnataka,India.
> sir we r doing a project on pattern recognition in
> image processing.we have chosen linux as platform.we
> came to know about GIMP and GIMP-PLUGINS.
> sir we have some questions reguarding this
> 1>what r plugins & how can they be used in our
> project?

Plug-ins are programs that GIMP runs that can interact with the GIMP. A 
plug-in can call the functions of GIMP and of other plug-ins and so create 
effects and manipulate images in certain ways. Most of the Filters under the 
Filters menu are implemented using Plug-ins.

> 2>where and how to write plugins to handle images and
> extract pixel values after selecting a particular area
> in an image, and how to compile and run them in GIMP?
> can u plz help us about this sir.

For compiling plug-ins you should make use of gimptool. There's a plug-in 
template available at:


which you can start from, and you can take a look at the existing plug-ins in 
the GIMP distribution or in the Plug-ins registry (http://registry.gimp.org/) 
for ideas how to do things.

> 3>how to compile a plugin and load a plugin?

To load it put it in one of the GIMP's plug-in paths (e.g: 

> 4>how to write a plug-in to load an image into the
> image viewer of gimp and access(pixel values) a
> selected region

What does the image viewer has to do with a plug-in? You can load images using 
the gimp_file_load() PDB function. Code to access its pixel values can be 
found under plug-ins/ in the GIMP distribution.


        Shlomi Fish

> thank u sir/mam
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