Shlomi Fish wroite:

> On Tuesday 15 March 2005 10:58, shashi kumar wrote:

> > 4>how to write a plug-in to load an image into the
> > image viewer of gimp and access(pixel values) a
> > selected region
> What does the image viewer has to do with a plug-in? You can load images
> using the gimp_file_load() PDB function. Code to access its pixel values 
> can be found under plug-ins/ in the GIMP distribution.

I think this is a request for advice on how to create a file loading/saving
plug-in (registering the handlers for file type etc...). AFAIK there is no
template for this (wasn't there an enhancement request for this?). It should
be possible to use existing plug-ins as an example, though.


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