Adam D. Moss wrote:

> Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Another image manipulation program, which GIMP is frequently being
>> compared to, uses the Space key to offer the functionality that GIMP
>> has bound to the middle mouse button: panning the image display. Since
>> not everyone has a middle mouse button (especially on tablet pens), it
>> might be a good idea to follow that example. If we did that, pressing
>> Space would keep the current tool but the cursor would change to a
>> hand symbol and one could drag the image display (not the content!)
>> using the mouse.
>> Any opinions on that, anyone?
> I agree that the space key should be reserved for something
> pretty amazingly common and useful.

To decide which operation which is most common, it would be interesting
to see
some numbers comparing the two alternatives (and perhaps others). One
could gather
data for which operation is most often executed by a "typical" user,
sort of like a usability test.
In fact, a totally different operation might be used more than either of
these alternatives.
This could be something to do on the next GIMPCon or similar.

However, the resemblance with Another image manipulation program might
be important also.

Andreas R.

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