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   Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 07:30:16 +0800

   Hello everyone !

   I am an old systems engineer, who began on IBM1130's in 71.  Started
   with Unix Version 7 in 81.  Lots of C later C++.
   I made my living creating user interfaces with the X11R6 widget toolset.
   I need 48 bit Tiff to manipulate my thousands of photos from the current
   trip around the world.
   I stopped here in Shenzhen, China to make a few bucks, to pay my way
   on to Europe.  The University has been good to me, and this year I will
   be teaching operating systems and Industrial Automation and Systems 

You might want to try Cinepaint (  It's
based on an old version of the GIMP, but it does CMYK and high bit

   I also need sane-backends to recognize my Nikon 5000 ED scanner, but
   that is not so critical since VueScan works.

I have a Coolscan V.  I need to get back in touch with the maintainer
about this.

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