"Dr. George W. Oprisko" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am an old systems engineer, who began on IBM1130's in 71.  Started
> with Unix Version 7 in 81.  Lots of C later C++.
> I made my living creating user interfaces with the X11R6 widget toolset.
> I need 48 bit Tiff to manipulate my thousands of photos from the current
> trip around the world.
> I stopped here in Shenzhen, China to make a few bucks, to pay my way
> on to Europe.  The University has been good to me, and this year I will
> be teaching operating systems and Industrial Automation and Systems 
> Engineering.
> I also need sane-backends to recognize my Nikon 5000 ED scanner, but
> that is not so critical since VueScan works.
> So, could you put me in touch with the relevant parties, so I can get
> to work, and we can have 48 bit Tiff in the Gimp.  And... I can delete 
> WindowsXP forever.....  and return to a real operating system.... Unix !

You already got in touch with the relevant party. Adding support for
higher color depths to GIMP is on the roadmap and will be addressed as
soon as GIMP 2.4 is done. The plan is to use GEGL (http://gegl.org/).
Part of it has already been written but this work had been abandoned
for a while. Incidentally we only yesterday decided to pick up work on
this library again. Mitch, Pippin and me will be reviewing and
cleaning up the code over the next days. If you want to help, we can
certainly need help in this area. At the moment I can not really tell
you exactly what needs to be done but I should be able to tell you in
a couple of days.

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