On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 18:41 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi,
> There are lots of Summer project sized tasks around the GIMP that we 
> could propose to Google. As a start:
>   - Work on a framework to make plug-in settings saveable across 
> sessions (this might be done now, is it?)

Persistent parasites can easily be used for this. Parasites are not the
ideal solution and I'm not sure how many plugins use them.

>   - Reverse engineer PSD format for PS 10 and write the load/save 
> plug-in (or adapt the existing one) to it

There are only 2 significant supportable features of the psd format that
we dont currently support.  These are loading/saving of paths and saving
of layer masks.  All the information on the path format is
semi-publicaly available (It shipped on the photoshop 6.0 CD).  We
already support loading layer masks, so supporting saving them will be
no big deal.

Every other feature of the psd file format would require things that
gimp just does not support.  Things like CMYK mode, adjustment layers,
layer effects, layer sets, clipping groups, etc. (Any one of which is a
major project)

There is a new file format called psb (photoshop big?) that was first
exposed in photoshop cs.  It is only used for files that are larger than
30,000 pixels in one direction.  I don't think you can get the
documentation for this format without signing an NDA.  I have no idea if
it is simply a small revision to the psd format that corrects the size
limitations, or if it is a tripple-des encrypted version of xcf.  I have
yet to run across one that I didn't create myself.

Jay Cox

PS:  I think you would need a time machine to get photoshop 10 by this
summer :)

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