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> Hi,
> Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > writes:
> > Rearranging the core menus is a matter of editing a couple of XML files.
> I should probably add that this is primarily meant as a way to easily
> edit the menu structure with the goal of getting these changes
> accepted in the GIMP development tree. I don't like the idea of seeing
> forks of the menu structure since this will make documentation
> difficult to say the least. It will also break mnemonics. Mnemonics
> are defined in the menu labels and their translations and a lot of
> effort has gone into avoiding collisions. Moving menus around will
> finally make string changes necessary which is something that you
> cannot do with the GtkUiManager XML files.
> The possibility to easily rearrange the menus is nice to have but
> should be used with care.

It seems to be wanted by enough of our users that we should give it
some serious thought, though.

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