>    to the number of happy users? We can hardly decide anything unless
>    we know the answer to these questions.
> I've seen quite a number of people -- Marc, Alastair Robinson, Bill
> Kendrick, Jernej Simoncic, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris, Michael
> Thaler, and myself -- complain more or less vociferously about this,
> for what appears to be more or less the same reason.  Alan Horkan
> appears to have at least some complaints about it,

I do not disagree with Sven on this.  Please do not count me in on this
arguement, I probably should not have commented at all.  On balance the
new file chooser is better, it just happens to be worse in some of the
ways the old file chooser was good and I do recognise it has issues.

On balance I support the new File Chooser.  I see the problems with it as
mostly GTK problem.  You cannot really argue against the merits of a clean
API that allows you to go ahead and write your own replacement.  Now that
i think if it GPE are one of the few groups who have gone ahead and done
this, and I am increasingly tempted to attempt it myself (but dont hold
your breath it would take me a long time to develop something I would be
willing to show in public).

- Alan H.
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