> Von: Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >     [ ] Default to last-used instead of source directory
> Does it really make sense to make this a preference option? Wouldn't
> it be better to add a UI that deals explicitely with processing
> batches of images? Adding this as a gimprc parameter would probably be
> easy but it seems like a quick and dirty solution. We have the chance
> to get this right for 2.4, so let's see if we can't find a better
> solution...

I'd like to see the bookmarks system being used for this. Maybe in this

- have a special bookmark that specifies "last used directory"
- have a way to set one bookmark as the default bookmark

If any of this is already possible, I'm currently not aware of it.

This way, whenever the 'Save as' dialog comes up, the last used directory
could be selected. If you don't want this, choose another default; or none
and the current behaviour will be used.

Of course, this is something that will have to be suggested to GTK+, but
since we have so many people here who claim that they know why the
fileselector is bad or good, I'd like to have my suggestions examined here
first :)


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