On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Michael Schumacher wrote:

> Great work! Seems like we will finally have pygimp 2.4 for GIMP 2.4 on each
> of the officially supported platforms. Hm, how about letting
> Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu die in favor of it? ;)

The best thing about Script-Fu has been knowing it would be available and
included in the 'default install'.  Many existing scripts are written in
Script-Fu and as you know we still regularly get users asking how to get
and old script to work with the current version.

>From a technical standpoint it is great that Python and Perl subsystems
are well achitectured and entirely seperable but the failure of
distributors to include them in the 'default install' or even bother to
build them has dicouraged people from using them.  Making it possible to
leave things out is different from it being a good idea to leave things
out and I do not think users are given the best impression of the GIMP
because to the ordinary user if it is not installed it may as well not

My point is Script-Fu remains useful despite it's flaws and I am concerned
by the potential side-effects of killing it off.

Better go and improve my python skills...

- Alan H.
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