On Thursday 28 July 2005 10:04, Dag Rune Sneeggen wrote:
> After fiddling around with gimptool I thought about how nice it would
> be if you could just input an URL and it would fetch the C file
> automagically and do all the work for you.

> So, I wrote one:
> http://nix-dev.dudcore.net/ScriptGoodies/rGimptoolWrapper

Interesting page. I wonder if this neat toy could be extended to be a 
bit more generic, like the Mozilla installer files?

If so, it wouldn't be too much harder to make it build RPMs and similar 
packages for a plugin. That would make them a bit more point-and-click, 
a bit more readily accessible to the GIMP users approaching this from 
the "artist" end rather than the "geek" end.

s/while/file/ - do you use speech input or was that a thinko?

The Google Directory page you link to certainly has some odd and 
interesting stuff in it, like the plugin for loading Civ2 games and the 
semi-random genetic art.

Cheers; Leon

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