Arnaud Darmont <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Then i have added the following (currently dummies) in main.h to solve
> some undefined variable errors:
> #define PLUGIN_NAME "EVB Interface"
> #define LOCALEDIR "."
> #define DATADIR "."

That won't work. You should use the values you get using pkg-config:

 pkg-config --variable=gimpdatadir gimp-2.0
 pkg-config --variable=gimplocaledir gimp-2.0

"pkg-config --variable=prefix gimp-2.0" might also be useful.

> There is one file linked which is config.h that i cannot find in the
> plug-in template. I assume that it should contain just the above? Or
> should it be gimp's config.h.win32?

config.h is supposed to be generated by the scripts configure script.
If you don't want to use configure, you can probably get away w/o
config.h for most plug-ins.

> Does someone have a kind of step-by-step procedure or cookbook like
> win32-gimp-plug-in-development-tutorial-for-real-dummies?

The GIMP wiki has pages on compiling gimp on win32.

> I'm currently working with Visual C++, but i also have Borland C++
> Builder and Dev-C++ available.

The plug-in template and most other plug-ins assume that you are using
cygwin or mingw.

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