Dear all,

i'm new to gimp plug-in developments, and i'd like to first be able to compile the plug-in template before starting to write my own code (seems obvious...). Here are the steps i have done and the problems i'm facing.Please tell me where i'm wrong.

I have downloaded the following files and extracted them in D:\temp\gimp\dev\ keeping the directory structure:

All necessary directories have been added to the include path so that most of the header files can be linked.
I only have one missing file: libintl.h Where can i get it?

Then i have added the following (currently dummies) in main.h to solve some undefined variable errors:
#define PLUGIN_NAME "EVB Interface"
#define LOCALEDIR "."
#define DATADIR "."

There is one file linked which is config.h that i cannot find in the plug-in template. I assume that it should contain just the above? Or should it be gimp's config.h.win32?

Compiling gives about 50 warnings but no errors. I'll look into them later. Currently i have a lot of linker error similar to "interface.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _gimp_chain_button_get_active". I guess some of the libraries should be installed (in a windows sense) and not just extracted/compiled and configured like Linux does.

I have added all .lib files i've found in my D:\temp\gimp\dev\ to the project but the missing dependencies errors remain.

Does someone have a kind of step-by-step procedure or cookbook like win32-gimp-plug-in-development-tutorial-for-real-dummies?

I'm currently working with Visual C++, but i also have Borland C++ Builder and Dev-C++ available.

Thank you and best regards,
Arnaud Darmont.

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