> I disagree somewhat. IMO there should be a configurable profile search
> path similar to what we have for brushes, fonts etc. The user
> shouldn't have to select ICC profiles by selecting files. Instead
> there should be a profile selector. This widget would list all
> available profiles, showing info such as the profile vendor, profile
> intent and other meta information that can be extracted from ICC
> profiles.

That is more or less the idea I have about it. The idea is to select
the ICC profile, not the file.

I suppose that the new plug-in API will have functionalities to get the:

Embedded ICC profile (get/set)
Profile search path (or alternatively list of available profiles)

Do you have more or less the list of the new API ICC funcionalities? 
They will help me to clarify the actual user interface which actually
looks like:


I agree that it can be improved.

Jordi Cantón
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