Hello everyone iam a student University of the south pacific(FIJI) . Just
getting familar with the GIMP software.Now iam understaking a Software
Engineering project that deals with improving the CMYK color support for the
GIMP.More specifically to be able to convert CMYK color models to RGB into tiff
formats from a scanner that is.
My understanding there exist a A plugin providing rudimentary CMYK support for
The GIMP.However there a still some requirements that need to be done to
improve it further.At the moment iam writing the analysis and design
documentation.what iam asking if someone can help and give advice on how i
should go about doing the project.I have been given 9 weeks to finish this
project and have searched the net  on anything to do with the GIMP.Also getting
familar with the source code and every
technical jargon that I have come across.
I  appreciate if someone would give a helping hand.

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