I'm trying to build the GIMP on Windows.

I'm using the CompileGimpAtWindowsShellScript however I initially had
problems with glib.

As a result I've changed line 37 of the file to:

GTK_PACKAGES="glib-2.8.4 glib-dev-2.8.4...

This gets the build process a bit further, however I'm now getting the
following error:

checking for FONTCONFIG... yes
checking for PANGOFT2... yes
checking if Pango is version 1.11.0 or newer... no
checking if Pango is built with a recent fontconfig... no
configure: error:
*** You have a fontconfig >= 2.2.0 installed on your system, but your
*** PangoFT2 is using an older version. This old version is probably in
*** /usr/X11R6. Look at the above output, and note that the result for
*** FONTCONFIG_CFLAGS is not in the result for PANGOFT2_CFLAGS, and that
*** there is likely an extra -I line, other than the ones for GLIB,
*** Freetype, and Pango itself. That's where your old fontconfig files are.
*** Rebuild pango, and make sure that it uses the newer fontconfig. The
*** easiest way be sure of this is to simply get rid of the old fontconfig.
*** When you rebuild pango, make sure the result for FONTCONFIG_CFLAGS is
*** the same as the result here.
OK. Script is finished now.

Any ideas about what I need to do to fix this?


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