I was looking at the patterns that come with the GIMP.

They might have been nice for  320x240 web images that everyone edited 
a few years ago.

But in a world of 7 MP cameras, all patterns that come with the GIMP 
are nearly useless.

there are a few pending features for patterns on the program itself - 
like categorization, possibly scaling, and so on.

That aside, these patterns are in urgent need for an update. Even if 
not on the patterns that come along with the GIMP itself, nice 
pattern collections would be nice - perhaps some that could be 
packaged in  a "gimp-data-extras" module, or something like that.

Even updates of the existing patterns so that they do no look a silly 
square repetition  when covering a surface more than 400px wide would 
be a nice thing.

So - developers, what do you think might be the best approach? To 
update the patterns that come with the program thenselves or make 
additional collections available? 

And everybody - let's start building some nice patterns - one way or 
the other we have to collect then all an make then available for all 
the GIMP users.
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