On Friday 03 March 2006 22:41, Florent Monnier wrote:
> > > > It is somewhat futile to point out that support for the PSD format
> > > > needs to be improved. We know that. We know that for several years
> > > > now. We simply need someone who invests the time to improve it. No
> > > > need to convince anyone that it is a good idea.
> > >
> > > rather than doing this job in the gimp, what would you think about
> > > extract the current related code to initialize the project of a lib for
> > > reading psd?
> > >
> > > just an idea...
> > > ... perhaps more people would be able to get in this projet this way
> >
> > Still faces of the problem of finding a developer interested in working
> > on it.  I wouldn't even know where to start.
> Do you mean that extracting this code would be hard or long to do?
> Or that starting a new project requires work?

The big problem with writing a support library for photoshop files is not that 
it's hard to do -- it's a moderate amount of work, and then some because the 
public specs aren't complete, but the real problem is that there's nothing 
public beyond version 6; everything after is closed and forbidden. It's 
better to spend time getting something together that's open, extensible and 
fits in with the emerging open document landscape. 

Boudewijn Rempt 

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