On 3/23/06, Brendan wrote:

> Oh god, that is lame.
> "We want to write good, quality code, that 4 people will use. We could make a
> few concessions and get 4 million using it, but no, we're good with the 4
> people."
> Please, oh Lord, someone fork Gimp.

I'm doing my best to understand why people say such things at all.
Since operation system is something one's favourite application runs
on, and Photoshop runs natively on Windows and Mac only, why don't
they simply use Photoshop on Windows or Mac? Why do they bother
subscribing to gimp-developer@ and ask for Photoshop-like interface?

What is your reason for not buying licensed Windows and Adobe
Photoshop and using it instead of struggling with "lame" developers
and contributors?

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