> > But he doesn't! He said that the GIMP could have a PS compatibility
> > mode
> For usability's sake it's not good to introduce modes that make same
> application look and behave different.

I completely agree with this. Probably docking palettes or something
like this would be all that is needed to make people feel comfortable
with the interface.

> It was countless times announced by developers in this and other
> mailing lists that they do wish to improve GUI of GIMP, but that they
> don't want to clone PS. Sven wrote a special posting about it in his
> blog recently. All of this is publicly available information, cached
> by Google.

Yes, I have read it countless times on this very same list. I suppose
it must be tiring after a few years, but still.

> Do you think GIMP needs a full-time employee to talk to every single
> person who doesn't want to read what is already written and listen to
> what he is told? ;-)

If need be. What is really missing is someone who listens carefully
and tries to accomodate users' needs. Users probably don't need a
Photoshop clone; as has been pointed out elsewhere in the thread,
Photoshop changes regularly so it's a moving target. But if 100 users
tell you something, then there is probably a need; they probably would
appreciate a different interface which does not need a desktop all for
itself. I know I would; at home on my SUSE I can spare a desktop, at
work on Windows I can't.

Please, please think that these same people are honestly trying to
help. They take the trouble to write to a mailing list full of
strangers and put out a suggestion which is usually new for them.

Thanks for your time, we appreciate your efforts. Just be patient with
us people.

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