On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 04:22:19PM +0100, PLinnell wrote:
> In defense of the GIMP team, they are (unfairly IMO) criticized by 
> those who are not attuned to the actual state of development and 
> their stated goals. 
> Call it support fatigue if you will, but these kinds of issues have 
> been discussed to death and the GIMP developers have clearly, in many 
> places, stated their goals and their reasoning behind it. 
if i can add my view to this....

i remember when tor first ported gimp to windows.  this was a wonderful
time in gimp development and a lot of that had to do with tor himself.

he did not demand and insist that the port be made, he asked questions
as he worked on it.  those emails were some of the nicest of exchanges i
have ever read on this list.  the way tor spoke so respectfully to all
of the people who were active at the time, even old enemies dropped
their problems with each other and joined together to help him.  this
was inspite of the fact that none of them were very happy about gimp
being used on windows.

i don't think that everyone needs to be as eloquent as tor lillqvist
(although, wouldn't that be nice! me included!) but it is easier to be
have effective communications with this group if you ask questions while
you are working yourself on it.

and tor, god bless him, was having problems getting his scanner to work
on linux, heh.  i read that page.

thanks for all of the interested parties...


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