On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 06:59:40PM +0100, Alex Fernandez wrote:
> Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> > It was countless times announced by developers in this and other
> > mailing lists that they do wish to improve GUI of GIMP, but that they
> > don't want to clone PS. Sven wrote a special posting about it in his
> > blog recently. All of this is publicly available information, cached
> > by Google.
> Yes, I have read it countless times on this very same list. I suppose
> it must be tiring after a few years, but still.
there is a bigger picture that is missing when people make this request,
at least it might be.  let me try to explain this bigger picture as i
see it.

it is much more fun to write this stuff to fill in gaps that the big
guys left out.  i watch in my world as the large and capable merchant
machines squeeze out the little merchants, for instance.  at the same
time, i lived there and the little merchants were not the best players
in the world either, so it is really not a good guy vs bad guy example i
am making.

i have been watching the gimp developers work for years now.  it is
interesting to see the impact that gimp has had on photoshop.  gimp
improved photoshop, if what i saw was accurate.

lately, it *looks* like the only thing that photoshop has left to work
with is that "everyone wants gimp to look like it".  poor photoshop!
this once proud application is now seeming to beg gimp to look like it.
it is a better world and a better (for lack of a different word) game
and more fun to play (play like play the game or play like play in the
world) if photoshop can stress the gimp developers by its functionality
and its ability to change the world by making good graphics and not
stressing the gimp developers.

gimp should be there for those users who understand that they do not
want to steal and that this desire to not steal means they might have to
learn to do things differently.  i probably should apply the same logic
to points in my life, but that is a different thread that does not
belong on this list.

no matter how direct our answers or tired the developers seem, honestly,
it is really cool to have gotten your attention.  if you can help
photoshop to not look so desparate, the software world will probably be
better for it.

as usual, i might be wrong again about all of this....


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