Sven Neumann writes:
> And how do you reenable a popup that you have asked to suppress? I
> think that we should try to avoid popups but simply not showing them
> is not an option. If we can get away without showing the dialog, why
> do we show it at all then?

In the case of the warning popups when saving, why show them
at all? Of course it needs to flatten layers when saving to JPEG;
why not just do it without asking me every time? It's not like
I have an option to save without flattening; all I can do is
press OK.

In the case of converting to indexed to save as gif, there's
some point to it because the user might not realize there's such
a severe loss of quality about to happen; but it's still not
important enough to warrant a whole extra dialog to which the
only options are OK/Cancel. Just put it in the normal GIF save
dialog, as a label that says "Image will be converted to Indexed
mode before saving" if the image isn't already indexed.

A similar case was the warning I saw sometimes when a layer mask was
selected. I never quite figured out the point of that warning since
it seemed to save the image correctly anyway. But that dialog seems
to be gone now in CVS HEAD.

> > #4 : if you maximize your artwork, the panels are over it, it makes
> > the extreme areas of your work inaccessible without moving your
> > panels, or going fullscreen.
> Hit Tab and the "panels" are out of your way.

Is there a way to disable this? It gets in my way, because I hit it
fairly often by accident (probably when I'm trying to hit 1 to make
the image full-size), and it's several steps to undo it: in gimp 2.3
a single tab brings all the windows back (much better than gimp 2.2
where it took several tabs) but in the windowmanagers I use, the
focus now moves to one of the restored windows so it's no longer in
the image window where it was, and I have to move the mouse out of
the window and back in. I've looked for places to disable it, but 
I don't see anything about the tab key in the Keyboard Shortcuts
window or in menurc where other key bindings are controlled.

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