David Neary wrote:

Michael Schumacher said:
 1. They must be able to compile the software   (a few students ended
    loosing time by not having a propper dev environment)
They must be able to build current CVS.

This should not be a prerequisite. Someone who knows the details of
compiling software can learn how to build from CVS in a couple of days
(for info: I say a couple of days because there are *lots* of
prerequisites, and because using CVS itself is not obvious for someone
who has never done so). Don't set the bar too high.

I wasnt clear on this. Wasnt realy refering to CVS as in the tool. Just that they can get the latest source code and compile. A lot of people use Linux and it shouldent be a problem, but if somebody is used to MSVS6 on Win32, it might take a while to get it working. (not sure of the gimps build files on win32, only ever used linux)

A doc wiki on how to get the latest gtk/gimp etc compiling on win32 would be usefull.

I wrote up this doc for win32 blender users on howto, download, install dev tools and build the gimp as well as debugging with Mingw.

This would have definetly saved time for GSOC since people had trouble with blender builds under win32 (theres about 5 different build methods, and not all are well maintained)
Does the gimp have somting similar?

Wouldent mind compiling the gimp for my laptop under win32 even :)

- Cam

PS- Heared your lug radio interview not so long ago, nice work with the Libre Graphics meeting.

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