A.J. Bobo wrote:
> I am interested in learning how to write plug-ins for GIMP without
> having to use script-fu. I found your tutorials and really like them.
> Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find gimptool-2.0 on my computer. I'm
> using Windows XP and GIMP 2.2.11. Was this file (and the required header
> files) not installed on Windows, or did I miss something? Where can I
> find the files I need to write and compile plug-ins? Thanks for your help.

gimptool, the required header files and link libraries are not
packaged with the Windows installer.  There has been some talk of
creating a windows package that contains the files necessary to
compile plugins for GIMP, but as far as I know one has not been

Honestly, compiling GIMP plugins on Windows is difficult to set up.  I
don't think that anyone does it on a regular basis.  If at all
possible I would recommend that you first try to build your plugin on
linux.  Developing a plugin can be challenging enough without the
added difficulties that using a less-developed platform can entail. 
It has been my experience that it's easier to install a cross-compiler
and compile plugins for Windows under Linux than it is to develop a
plugin on Windows.  If you want to do so, you might want to consider
starting out with a Ubuntu CD if you don't have Linux easily
available.  You can run it without having to install anything on your
hard drive.

If you do choose to try building on Windows, the best resource is
http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/downloads.html .  There you can
find most of the GIMP's dependencies.  There are several pages on the
GIMP wiki that might be helpful.  Take a look at

Good luck!

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