<elf> wrote:
> I am sorry for re-sending this message again, but I have only few days
> for registering in SOC. So please answer me as soon as possible
>>> This looks like it could make a nice GIMP plug-in. There's a tutorial
>>> at developer.gimp.org about writing a plug-in and the GIMP source tree
>>> has lots of examples. Let us know if you need further help.
>>> Sven
>> Well, I'm glad that you are interested in.
>> I want to know if I can write this plug-in in the context of Summer of
>> Code?

I'm not really sure what uses this algorith might have, besides turning
the image into some kind of sketch.

What do you mean by "converts halftone black and white image to array of
lines with certain parameters that can discribe parent image."

- what are these parameters?


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