If anyone wants to comment on these, please feel free.

1. Developer Wishlist

A loooong time ago there was a wish list of features for GIMP.  Is there
any such thing now, specifically as seen from the developers point of

2. The 5 most annoying GIMP bugs

Totally subjective, but please feel free to comment on these.  I know
the two I've heard the most are that GIMP uses SDI instead of MDI and
that the menus don't read like Photoshops (two that I, personally, think
are irrelevent, but who am I to say what's relevent?).

6. Important bug fixes provided by non-core developers

Anyone with input on fixes supplied by someone who just sort of came out
of the blue?  The magazine feels this is important to encourage others
who aren't currently actively involved in making important

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