On Friday 12 May 2006 02:30 pm, Olafur Arason wrote:
> I think Gimp should have something like Adobe Certified Expert.

Well... I don't.

> This would ensure that gimp trained individuals could show
> that they know Gimp like it's possible to test what you know
> about Photoshop.
> This test should be hard, but not it the memorize everything
> kind of hard, this would be to ensure that people that get
> this degree actually know something about Gimp.
> What would you think a person with this degree should
> know?
> Is anybody on this list willing to participate in this?
> Is certification such a bad idea that Gimp should
> associate it self with it?

IMHO it is.

> LPI is interested, but there is nothing definite
> Olafur Arason
> P.S Please don't say it takes to much time, making true color
> management work in Gimp also takes time but I don't see
> anybody say that we should not do it because of that.

I see it from this POV: what does the World gain with more bureaucracy 
in it?  If I need to contract someone to work on GIMP or another 
Image Manipulation program, I will sit him in front of a computer and 
watch him draw. 

Besides that, certifications are sometimes sought for those without 
the abilities or application to stand by themselves, either in their 
C.V. or personally.

I dislike the idea of a GIMP certification - and please note that I 
could make a lot of money out of it, as I certainly would be entitled 
to teach courses for, and concede such certifications in my country.

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