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Besides that, certifications are sometimes sought for those without
the abilities or application to stand by themselves, either in their
C.V. or personally.
Listing "GIMP" [1] as one of your qualifications on a resume is more
likely than usual to result in misunderstandings over the project name.
I wouldn't risk it, you never know what the evil people in Human Resources
might do to you.

this is an interesting idea/observation.  i wonder if you can clarify by
either presenting a real life example of this or by stating clearly that
this is what you imagine might happen.

a statement like this, if it really could happen, would clearly show how
completely unprofessional the "professional world" would be and would be
a very good reason for good people to take things over.

if this is an imaginary situation, then perhaps it would be best to
state this.  even i can imagine how horrible the professional world can
be.  seeing some of the crap that is produced from these exisiting
machines does not help what my imagination does to fill in the blanks.

please, make this statement to be what it is.  it is either imaginary or
you have a real life example of it.


IMHO, Gimp Should probably change its name, though I have no strong feelings on the matter, kind of like the name since I have used it for so long it has no negative associations. I WOULD - say I use the Gimp on my CV, but not like... "I use Linux, Blender3D and the Gimp" just say... "I use Linux, Blender3D and the Gimp Image Editor", If you are obviously serious in other areas then theres no reason for people to think your being Rude. If the job dosent require image editing then perhaps leave it off for shallow minded HR, Im guessing the Gimp is American? (Pulp Fiction) - In Europe/Australia it might not be seen so badly.

- Cam
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