William Skaggs wrote:

> The results returned from Googling for "define: gimp" include these:

>   Sadomasochistic practice often features in the notion 
>   of the gimp, with a partnership between gimp and dominatrix (or dominant).
>   en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimp_(sadomasochism)

Imagine how a gimp must feel when he's converted to a "penquin"! I don't
even want to think about the dragonfly thing:

"They are very popular at summer camps where you might have made one.
They are often used to form animals, like dragonflies or penquins[...]"

What an insane society, exposing their kids to such dirty, dirty[1] things!


And Gimp are even sold in stores! For example, see the shocking display
(note the company's name, it has the evil C-word in it!!??!)

Yes, selective quoting is fun :)

Michael :)

[1] if dropped

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