Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
Now I just stumbled into an 'interesting' bug arising from this confusion: Python-fu Whirl and Pinch had overwritten the menu entry for C Whirl and Pinch (moreover Python whirl and pinch is currently crashing)

Now that GIMP handles registration of the same menu item from different
plug-ins, I am just waiting for the time a user reports a bug in Whirl and
Pinch (for example) and doesn't realize which version they were using (as in
the Python version or the C version).

Please notice there is no way a normal user can be aware of situations like this. Actually, it is almost as annoying (to say the least) as win95 and beyond "feature" of not showing the image file extensions in the file browsers.

Not showing file extensions in Windows is a configurable option. It defaults
to not showing the extensions but you can click an option to have Windows show
the extensions.

But even win95 has different icons for different kinds of images. The GIMP currently has just no clue.

The icons shown in Windows for various files is related to file associations
and not to Windows knowing the type of image file. I use one program to view
almost all image types so almost every image type carries the same icon on my


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