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> In this case we have a corner of an aspect constrained rectangle
> selected.  Both x and y movements are allowed but as these two have
> to a strict relationship any movement by the user that doesn't
> follow this relationship (for every 3 pixels horizontally move 2
> pixels vertically) will end up having the pointer and the corner
> being so far apart that the visual relationship between the pointer
> and the selection isn't aparent any more.

The correct way to deal with a constrained selection is to let the
user control the pointer, and then draw the unique rectangle with the
specified aspect for which one of the moving sides pass through the
pointer. This allows one to select the rectangle by moving either the
right side (and have the bottom one follow according to aspect) or
moving the bottom side (and have the right one follow according to

That is how the "select square" functionality works in 2.2. It is easy
and intuitive. Is there any reason to change it?

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