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> On Friday 28 July 2006 12:46, Henning Makholm wrote:

>> The correct way to deal with a constrained selection is to let the
>> user control the pointer, and then draw the unique rectangle with the
>> specified aspect for which one of the moving sides pass through the
>> pointer. This allows one to select the rectangle by moving either the
>> right side (and have the bottom one follow according to aspect) or
>> moving the bottom side (and have the right one follow according to
>> aspect).

> That behaviour is  there and works, it's the  seperate corners which
> are movable  in both horizontal  and vertical direction at  the same
> time that pose  a problem. For the times when  no aspect is selected
> these corners  are a must to  allow for a fast  resizing. It's those
> corners which are a problem when the aspect is fixed though.

I don't see what the problem is. Is the aspect is fixed, then let the
pointer position one of sides adjacent to the grabbed corner (selected
on the fly just as when the rectangle is being dragged out initially,
holding the opposite corner's position constant). If the aspect is
_not_ fixed, then move the corner itself.

> It's less about breaking the UI generally but if there are
> constraints - even if I enabled them myself - such a visual feedback
> that I can't reach other positions could be well worth having.

Isn't it visual feedback enough for you that the corner you're
attempting to drag does not follow the mouse?

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