On Friday 28 July 2006 12:46, Henning Makholm wrote:
> The correct way to deal with a constrained selection is to let the
> user control the pointer, and then draw the unique rectangle with the
> specified aspect for which one of the moving sides pass through the
> pointer. This allows one to select the rectangle by moving either the
> right side (and have the bottom one follow according to aspect) or
> moving the bottom side (and have the right one follow according to
> aspect).
That behaviour is there and works, it's the seperate corners which are movable 
in both horizontal and vertical direction at the same time that pose a 
problem. For the times when no aspect is selected these corners are a must to 
allow for a fast resizing. It's those corners which are a problem when the 
aspect is fixed though.
> That is how the "select square" functionality works in 2.2. It is easy
> and intuitive. Is there any reason to change it?
The new rectangle selection (see my rant - of which almost all things are now 
being tackled) does enhance the functionality in this department by quite a 
bit but there are some things that would benefit from having this set 
fuctionality. It's less about breaking the UI generally but if there are 
constraints - even if I enabled them myself - such a visual feedback that I 
can't reach other positions could be well worth having.

Karl Günter
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