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a while ago we went over all plug-ins, reviewed the procedure blurbs and
marked them for translation. The blurbs are shown in the image status
bar and as menu tooltips. This hasn't happened for Script-Fu yet, even
though the script procedure blurbs are shown in the status bar as well.
Thus, we need to do the same for all scripts. Any volunteers for this
job? This should happen real soon now, because we want to enter string
freeze for 2.4 as soon as possible. Your help would be very much

Sorry that I took so long. I have generated a patch (against 2.2.12) which I hope is close to what was expected. It is available as a plain text file at http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Bugzilla/patch-script-fu-new-blurbs (160kb) or available as a GZIPped file at http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Bugzilla/patch-script-fu-new-blurbs.gz (27kb).

Even if I didn't completely screw it up, I imagine there will be some discussion. I have many doubts about my wording myself. Some issues as I see them:

1. There are unfortunately some changes in the patch that are not related to the blurbs: I made these changes in order to get the scripts to function and forgot to back out the changes when I generated the patch. It mostly concerned the 'gimp-layer-set-lock-alpha' being deprecated and I replaced it with 'gimp-layer-set-preserve-trans'. It also occurred when there was an out-dated usage of "SF-COLOR" as a text string (e.g., "white"). I understand that this is not proper update policy but I am not keen on undoing something that has to eventually be done.

2. In a couple of places I employed the term "selection frame" in order to differentiate operations that affected the selection mask versus those that affected the selection's contents (e.g., 'script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle' is described as "Round the corners of the current selection frame"). I feel that "selection frame" is more intuitive than "selection mask" in these contexts.

3. Many scripts will operate on the non-transparent portion of the active layer (i.e., where the alpha channel is not BLACK) if there is nothing selected. I have termed these "alpha objects" and consistently employed the phrase "an alpha object or selection" to describe this situation. If a better terminology is proposed to describe this, it should be a simple matter to change these using "sed".

4) I do not understand what is happening with the 'script-fu-gap-dup-continue' portion of the patch. I only changed the blurb but for some reason the entire file is shown as added lines. (The patch works, I just don't understand why.)

5) I do not understand what is occurring with "SF-GRADIENT" in the 'script-fu-lava' registration. Other "SF-GRADIENT"s create a gradient selection widget while 'script-fu-lava' still presents a text-entry.

6) I used the word "widget" in some of the descriptions of scripts which generate webpage components. I am comfortable with its usage in this sense but perhaps others are not. So long as the reason for avoiding the term "widget" has nothing to do with The Apple Company's opprobrious attempt to usurp this otherwise ubiquitous computing term, I am open to suggestions. :-)

7) Finally, the menu registration is per 2.2.12 and therefore the scripts' relocation in 2.3 needs to be addressed by someone familiar with their new locations.

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