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> saulgoode> 2. In a couple of places I employed the term "selection
> saulgoode>    frame" in order to differentiate operations that affected the
> saulgoode>    selection mask versus those that affected the selection's
> saulgoode>    contents (e.g., 'script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle' is
> saulgoode>    described as "Round the corners of the current selection
> saulgoode>    frame").  I feel that "selection frame" is more intuitive
> saulgoode>    than "selection mask" in these contexts.
> Other ideas: "selection boundary", "selection bounds", "selection
> outline", "selection edge".  Do any of these make more sense?

I would go for "selection outline" or "selection edge".

It looks like most users think about the outline of the selection rather than
its contents.  This can easily be explained by the fact that the outline (the
marching ants) is the only visible part of the selection (without quickmask).
>From a technical point of view, referring to the selection as a mask is more
appropriate especially for heavily feathered selections for which the
outline is taken arbitrarily at 50%.  But even if "selection mask" would be
more appropriate, it may be less confusing to use "selection outline" because
this is understood immediately and there is less risk of confusion with other
terms like layer mask, channels and maybe future clipping masks, etc.

The terms "selection bounds" should be avoided because of the confusion with
the function gimp_selection_bounds() which returns the bounding box of the
selection instead of the selection itself.

I did a quick google match between these terms with the following results
(in square brakets you have the numbers for gimp + "selection <term>" and
for photoshop + "selection <term>"):
- "selection outline" [1050/609] is the most popular combination of terms
  for gimp users but not for photoshop users.  It is found in tutorials,
  various articles, in the manual, etc.
- "selection mask" [565/830] is mainly used by gimp developers and by
  photoshop users.  For gimp, "selection mask" can be found in the
  archives of this mailing list, in scripts and in the PDB.
- "selection boundary" [478/648] is used in the book Grokking the GIMP, in
  some tutorials and in archives of this mailing list.
- "selection frame" [350/631] is used mainly in the context of XSane, in the
  new manual (gimp-help-2) and in a number of false positives from RPM(?).
- "selection edge" [154/1150] is not used much in the gimp context but is
  the most popular term for photoshop users.  For gimp, it can be found in
  the old manual (GUM) and in the new one (gimp-help-2).

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