My apologies for my preceding post which merely quoted Michael Natterer; I was using a new mail editor and it apparently expects me to only TAB between header fields.

Quoting Michael Natterer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Unfortunatel not. You apparently diffed between modified scripts from
2.3 and original scripts from 2.2, therefore most of the patch is
bogus :(

I haven't done much with 2.3 as I was reluctant to upgrade my glib in the midst of another project that was important to me. I should be able to upgrade in the coming weeks. I am willing to effect the necessary changes to the 2.3 source once a consensus is reached on blurb phrasings. I would also eliminate all of the "non-blurb" changes at that time.

... It mostly concerned the
'gimp-layer-set-lock-alpha' being deprecated and I replaced it with

It's 'gimp-layer-set-preserve-trans' that is deprecated, and
gimp-layer-set-lock-alpha' is the new function.

 It also occurred when there was an
out-dated usage of "SF-COLOR" as a text string (e.g., "white").

Likewise. "white" is the new version, '(255 255 255) the old one.

The next revision of the patch will not address any "non-blurb" issues; it was laziness on my part (and apparently ignorance of changes made in the dev branch) that I didn't remove my changes from this patch.

2. In a couple of places I employed the term "selection frame" in
order to differentiate operations that affected the selection mask
versus those that affected the selection's contents (e.g.,
'script-fu-selection-rounded-rectangle' is described as "Round the
corners of the current selection frame"). I feel that "selection
frame" is more intuitive than "selection mask" in these contexts.

But "selection mask" is the known term here. "selection frame" is
imho totally unusual and will confuse people.

The important thing is to clearly and consistently distinguish selection masks from selection contents. It has been my experience that the vast majority of GIMP users (granted, neophytes) consider selections to be boolean. Any user who is aware of the true nature of selection masks will not be confused by a less precise terminology while those who are ignorant will likely be confused by the technically precise term.

I agree that "selection outline" or "selection border" are better choices than "selection frame" and think that Toby Speight explained the reasons well.

3. Many scripts will operate on the non-transparent portion of the
active layer (i.e., where the alpha channel is not BLACK) if there is
nothing selected. I have termed these "alpha objects" and consistently
employed the phrase "an alpha object or selection" to describe this
situation. If a better terminology is proposed to describe this, it
should be a simple matter to change these using "sed".

I'm not sure about this...

Nor am I. The two methods that the GIMP currently uses for "alpha objects" would seem to be "alpha channel" (in the "Add layermask" dialog) and "alpha" (in the "Alpha to selection" command). I tend to think of the alpha channel as being the transparent portion of a layer (since a layer with no alpha channel is opaque) and am hoping that a more intuitive terminology can be determined.

6) I used the word "widget" in some of the descriptions of scripts
which generate webpage components. I am comfortable with its usage in
this sense but perhaps others are not. So long as the reason for
avoiding the term "widget" has nothing to do with The Apple Company's
opprobrious attempt to usurp this otherwise ubiquitous computing term,
I am open to suggestions. :-)

I haven't heared the word "widget" in the context of a web page.
Actually, in GTK+ world it's pretty clearly reserved for GtkWidgets.

I don't wish to cause any confusion with GtkWidgets but I see no difference between a pixmap generated for a webpage and one generated for a GUI. I had considered leaving out the part of the blurbs which stated "for a webpage" as this was not precise; but, again, users who are aware of the difference will not be confused by its inclusion whereas those who are not might likely be confused by its absence.

You marked all menu paths for translation, which is wrong. They don't
need to be marked any more.

The revised patch will address this.
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