On Fri, 2006-08-04 at 16:48 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:

> As I said on IRC last night, in case anyone is wondering, the GIMP
> currently has roughly $21,000 in the GNOME fund.

Wow, I wasn't aware that that much money had piled up.

> 1. Paying for the GIMP user manual to get into a publishable state, and
> get it published
> 2. Paying for travel/participation in certain conferences which have the
> potential to bring attention, money or people to the project
> 3. Paying to improve our infrastructure (reminder: there's a $500 cheque
> waiting for yosh, and I'm waiting for a quote for off-site back-up)
> 4. Paying for GIMP conferences and get-togethers (although I really
> think we should fundraise for conferences, as I did this year and in
> Kristiansand

Agreed. I would also like to suggest that we consider paying people to
get together for the purpose of GIMP development. That doesn't have to
be a full-fledged developer conference. But if two or more people want
to devote a weekend to hacking on GIMP or designing new features or user
interfaces, we could consider to come up for travel expenses.

I am currently talking to some usability people and user interface
designers who would like to get further involved in GIMP development,
especially when it comes to designing a user interface that leverages
the power of GEGL. We will need to bring these people together with
experienced GIMP users and I think that this would also be good use for
the money that has been donated for GIMP development.


> Things I don't think we should spend money on:
> 1. Hardware for individual developers (computers, scanners, cameras,
> tablets, etc). We should try to fundraise for this when people can fill
> a specific need (working on GIMP support for a tablet, for example), but
> in general buying people toys isn't useful
> 2. A server - in spite of what I said in point 3 above, I think we
> should be using our great contacts with GNOME, RedHat, HP, Canonical and
> others to get hosting, get use of servers and services outside of XCF,
> and make our sysadmin process more transparent, rather than spending
> money on hardware which could be donated
> 3. Sending people to any old conference - in general, if you're giving a
> talk on the GIMP in a conference, we should ask the conference organiser
> first, the GIMP second for sponsorship. And I don't think it's
> appropriate to pay for travel from London to Boston for someone to man a
> stand, even though I was prepared to do this last month. We should
> instead work on building up a good group of people worldwide who can
> give GIMP presentations and man GIMP stands, and make sure they're
> co-ordinating.
> So that's my summary of GIMP money - there may be some opposition to
> some of these things, so let's have at 'em.
> Cheers,
> Dave.

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