On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 13:29 -0400, Brohan wrote:

> I'm still having the same issue as before with the same error as before.
> "(gimp:26837): Gimp-Plug-In-WARNING **: expected tile ack and received: 5"
> I've ran gdb and set every possible breakpoint and it always says that
> the program 'exits' normally. I'm beginning to dive into the source
> and its rather difficult to pull stuff out.

You should be able to debug this by using the GIMP_PLUGIN_DEBUG
environment variable as described in devel-docs/debug-plug-ins.txt.

> The issue happens when
> a) I zoom in/out and move around,
> b) I zoom in/out twice.
> I am sure the issue does not happen within the main loop of my actual
> code, but possibly within the preview.

Please try to make a self-contained and possibly small test-case, then
show us this code. It doesn't make much sense to discuss this w/o seeing
the code.


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