- When you define the perspective plane, changes the mode to clone
paint, and go back to change the perspective plane mode, it doesn't

 Actually, it does work -- you just can't see it. Switch back to clone mode
and you'll see the modified plane. BTW, good work on the interface, it's
really intuitive.
Thanks, I still have to check it..

 My comments on the use of a keyboard interface are still valid, though. And
being able to see the mouse pointer while setting the perspective plane
would also help a lot.
The use a keyboard interface is also a good idea, but still to be done.. :)
About to see the mouse pointer while setting the perspective plane..
currently the cursors are used in the same way as in perspective tool,
so your purpose would also be for that tool.. I don't really find it

 My comment about interpolation I still agree with;  For some of my test
images interpolation was appropriate, others it blurred unacceptably, so I
still think the option to disable it should be provided.
I think that disable linear interpolation would do the tool unusable,
here you can see some examples:


And similar with interpolation:


Can you provide some images where interpolation doesn't works fine? so
if this option is needed I can add it to the UI

 The initial coordinates of the plane corners should probably be at the
corners of the visible area, rather than the corners of the entire image.. I
was confused by this initially.

Ok, thinking about it.. hehe.

Btw, I have added the same options for paint that are used in clone
tool, and have moved the radio buttons where you choose if you are
setting the perspective plane or cloning to the top of the options UI.

kind regards,
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