Sven Neumann wrote:
I think it would be sufficient if people could enter a width and a
height in order to define the aspect ratio. That's how the old tool used
to work. Perhaps add portrait and landscape buttons to it, like we have
in the New Image dialog so that people can easily flip the aspect ratio.

That sounds like the simplest approach. I don't find the value with all the
decimal places after it useful. After entering width/height to set the ratio
you would just click the chain icon beside width/height so a change to one of
the values adjusts the other accordingly and maintains the desired aspect ratio.

One feature I miss about the current crop tool is something I'm used to from the 2.2 GIMP. I have a habit of using the selection tool to mark a region then, when I pick the crop tool, use the "From Selection" option to set the crop limits based on the currently active selection.

I suppose I could get used to not having this option in the tool box (or a menu item to do the same thing) but it would be a nice feature to have back.


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