Hi Kevin,

as you may have noticed, I merged the heal tool branch to CVS head.
After that, I factored the parts of the clone tool that are
almost identical in the heal tool out to new parent classes,
GimpSourceCore, GimpSourceOptions and GimpSourceTool, and ported
the clone core/options/tool to use the new parent class.

I've done the same for the heal core and tool, you can see
the patch here:


So, how do we continue from here...

Do you like the patch and do you want to commit it,
or should i commit it? (given you like it :-)

Do you plan to do further hacking on the tool?

Also, WRT heal/clone from other images and from the projection,
I think that code can nicely be abstracted into GimpSourceTool
and GimpSourceTool's virtual motion() function extended by some
parameters. What do you think about this?


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