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Hi all, I am very new to gimp and it's development. I am trying to learn gimp-plugins. I can run the plugin fine for the first using  the Xtns->... menu. But if I want to run the same plugin for second time, the menu entry is disabled. Is there something that I am doing wrong? please let me know. Thanks much in advance.

static void
run (const gchar      *name,
     gint              nparams,
     const GimpParam  *param,
     gint             *nreturn_vals,
     GimpParam       **return_vals)

  static GimpParam  values[1];
  GimpPDBStatusType status = GIMP_PDB_SUCCESS;

  gint32 SImg, SLay;

  /* Setting mandatory output values */
  *nreturn_vals = 1;
  *return_vals  = values;

  values[0].type = GIMP_PDB_STATUS;
  values[0].data.d_status = status;

  SImg = gimp_image_new(720,720,GIMP_RGB);
  SLay = gimp_layer_new(SImg, "Layer1", 720, 720, GIMP_RGB_IMAGE, 100, GIMP_NORMAL_MODE);
  gimp_image_add_layer(SImg, SLay, 0);
  gimp_drawable_fill(SLay, GIMP_BACKGROUND_FILL);


Hi. I had a similar problem before. Please show your registration code.

Your plugin needs to take an image as its first input in order to be repeatable.
Your plugin will be grayed out if you registered it as accepting the wrong image types. In this case "*" is the right image type to accept. Using '' will create a plugin that accepts any input image, but is not repeatable (this was my mistake.)

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