Thank you very much. That worked for me. But, my initial idea for this plugin is that, if I select this option from menu; it will create a new image and layer and draw a circle on that layer. Now, it looks like I will have to create an image and just draw a circle on it. Thanks again for the help..

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Hi, Thank you very much for the reply. Here is the registration code. If not in Xtns, where should I put this?

static void
query (void)
  static GimpParamDef args[] =
    "Run mode"
    "Input image"
    "Input drawable"

  gimp_install_procedure (
              "A Test Plugin",
              " ",
              " ",
              "RGB*, GRAY*",
              G_N_ELEMENTS (args), 0,
              args, NULL);

  gimp_plugin_menu_register ("plug-in-testp",

That all looks OK, except the path. I suggest something like
"<Image>/Test/Testplugin". I think that plugins have to be registered in the image menus to be repeatable, too.
Certainly the ones of mine that reside in the toolbox are not repeatable.

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