Dream Artist Aspiring ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>  gimp_install_procedure (
>              "plug-in-testp",
>              "TestP",
>              "A Test Plugin",
>              " ",
>              " ",
>              "2006",
>              "_testp",
>              "RGB*, GRAY*",
>              GIMP_PLUGIN,
>              G_N_ELEMENTS (args), 0,
>              args, NULL);
>  gimp_plugin_menu_register ("plug-in-testp",
>                             "<Toolbox>/Xtns/Plugins/Misc");

You register your plugin in the Toolbox menu, yet it has an
image/drawable argument as the first one, and you even specify that you
need and RGB(A) or GRAY(A) image open for it to become active.

The main problem is, that items registered in the toolbox menu don't
have an idea of what the "current" image is that should be processed by
the plugin. Hence the suggestion given by the others is correct: If your
plugin should work on a given image, it needs to be registered in the
<Image>-Menu, and it has to take an Image and a Drawable as the first
two arguments.

If you want to register your plugin in the toolbox then your plugin
should not expect that there are reasonable values given in the first
two arguments. In this context it also does not make sense to restrict
the plugin only to be active for "RGB*, GRAY*" images, in this case this
string should be empty.

I am guessing here, but I believe that your "not repeatable" experience
is directly related to the "RGB*, GRAY*" thing, if you register with an
empty string there your plugin should be active always.


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