I'm new to this list and just wanted to share some ideas and findings
I have.

I tried Gimp 2.3.11 for Windows. I don't have the option to compile
gimp myself. This was the latest win binary I found. I hope the
descritpions from me make sense, because I used the german version and
I'm not sure which phrases are used for the english developer version.

Not in the order of importance...

1) A tiny, but welcome improvement of the color settings could be to
change the order from

Working Mode
Rendering Intent Monitor
Renderinig Intent Printer simulation
RGB space
CMYK space
monitor profile
printer simulation profile

to group the items which belong together:

Working Mode

RGB space
CMYK space

monitor profile
Rendering Intent Monitor

printer simulation profile
Renderinig Intent Printer simulation

I assume that RGB and CMYK space are the default spaces for new
pictures and that it can be assigend to untagged pictures? For what is
CMYK space used when Gimp does not support CMYK editing of files or
have I overseen that this will be possible with Gimp 2.3/2.4?

I also assume that the printer simulation profile can be either an RGB
or CMYK printer profile. A short tooltip which explains the basics
could help there.

2) I loaded a picture which has an embedded profile, but I found that
the embedded profile is not honored (of course the mode "colormanaged
monitor" was active).

That's a 'must have' for a colormanaged image editor.

When a picture has an embedded profile and working mode "printer
simulation" or "colormanaged monitor" is choosen the profile must be

3) In addition to 2) I could not find an option to assign or in the
other case convert a file from one color space to the other. That's
also a very important function which is possible with lcms and which
must be present.

4) From 2) and 3) will follow that one has to make a decision what to
do when a picture profile does not match the default RGB working space
(as long as Gimp does not support CMYK editing). Photoshop allows to
      a) "no colormanagement"
      b) assign profile (Combo box with installed profiles)
      c) convert to  profile (Combo box with installed profiles)

This would also be very useful to have :-)

I like that in Gimp one can choose the rendering intent for the
monitor profile.

I hope my comments are helpful in improving the colormanaged part of
the upcoming Gimp. Still very few applications offer full
colormanagement support and I look forward to see Gimp enter this
league :-)

Best regards

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